This blog has been made for the following: 

1) families who have been negatively impacted by gentlechristianmothers.com (GCM)

2) women looking to join gentlechristianmothers.com

3) men who want to see what their wives are joining

4) current GCMers who might have felt like there was a problem but just can’t put their finger on what that problem is.


Why am I doing this? Unfortunately, I fall into the first category. My sister was led astray because of some of the women on this site and their bad theology. Throughout the course of this blog I will be exposing the dangers behind this site.


*DISCLAIMER* By doing this I do not want to imply or do any of the following:

1) say all the people on this site are dangerous

2) personally attack anyone

3) be mean.

I do however want to:

1) lovingly point out error

2) expose a cult-like mentality within the GCM website

3) bring glory to God

4) proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.


As I was starting this blog, I thought that maybe this isn’t the right way to go about things; probably no other family has been torn apart because of this website like my family. But sadly, I know that my family has not been the only one affected.


If you have had a bad experience with this website, please leave a comment. Frustration is welcome, but please be aware that any mean-spirited or rude comments will be deleted.


3 responses to “WELCOME!

  1. My daughter is involved with GCM. I am aware that these people on GCM take no reponsibility for anything — it is always someone else’s fault – not theirs. It is a shame that they can spread their ideas to other women and put them in the same position and thoughts that they have. I would hope that they would think things through before “counseling” other women.

  2. Anonymous gcmer

    I used to be very active on GCM, but got increasingly disgusted by their hive like mentality, and I rarely visit the board anymore. Although I never thought of that group as a cult, they do display cultish behaviors. I can see where you’re coming from. I have frequently seen members encourage other members to end contact with family and friends over simple arguements. At GCM there is no such thing as an argument, there is only “abuse”.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I have been hearing from former gcmers a lot lately. It looks like maybe people are seeing the same problems I have seen.

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