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 The quotes below come from this article:  

“We cannot act or believe as the world does, or follow its worldly teachers or those who try to mix worldly wisdom of the ungodly with God’s pure Word and call it holy because they themselves are perhaps “christian”.”

“He promises to send those who do not love truth a strong delusion so that they will believe the lie. What lie? Any lie, any falsehood or expert opinion of some professional, some outstanding member of the church hierarchy, pop “christian” author, highly recommended “christian” counselor, televangelist, “christian” politician, et al.” 

“To continue, some very well known men and women would have us believe they have been called by God to practice “christian psychiatry” or to teach
psychology to the church. They mostly say the bible is “insufficient” to solve the problems of the body of Christ and that the pastors and lay believers cannot handle the tough problems with the tools provided them in the Word of God. However, the Holy Bible says that God’s written Word and the Living Word, Jesus Christ is sufficient. These experts who encourage a psychobabble gospel fail to disclose how many clients such professionals have led into despair, divorce, or suicide while replacing the truth of God with a lie.”

“How many marriages have been weakened or “put asunder” in the name of helping achieve empowerment or personal fulfillment? Where is their absolute stand for the foreverness of marriage and family as required by God’s holy Word?  Where do such christian psychologist’s get the authority to justify encouraging divorce on the basis of abuse allegations or spousal misconduct?” – This is what happened to my sister!!!  The women on GCM aren’t psychologists, but they sure do give this kind of worldly advice.  They don’t know the men and often don’t know the women IRL (in real life), but that doesn’t stop some of these women to encourage others to separate, lie to their husband about their intentions of divorce, then file for a divorce.  It seems like a recurring theme on the site.  Now I don’t want to downplay abuse so I will soon be posting on that topic in greater detail as well as what the Bible says about marriage.  But knowing both my sister and brother-in-law, I know my sister was not abused like the women on this site have convinced her of.  In fact my sister read abuse books recommend from women on GCM, she then “discovered” she was abused by her own mother!!  She loved her mother up to this point and never would have assigned that mischaracterization to our dear mother before she read all those books!

“Godless ideas do not produce godly lives, marriages, or families.”        

“Jesus said his followers are to deny self.  Why then do therapists encourage almost every client to focus on self?  Where is our response to Apostle Paul’s command for us to esteem others as better than ourselves?”

“Psychotherapy and its unproven theory has become a false religion for millions. It has even become a destructive cult. Those ensnared follow their
therapists into idolatry instead of obeying the Word of God which can set them free. Until one comes to rely upon the Word of God as being wholly sufficient, one remains ensnared in false doctrines of demons.”

The article continues with the importance of godly counsel and the
sufficiency of Scripture and is worth reading in its entirety.

3 responses to “More About Psychology

  1. I read a book called Psychology Debunked and it opened my eyes to everything! I was healed of depression because they explained in the book not to look inwardly (self-pity, etc) at yourself (psychology), but instead look to Christ! This is dying to self- this is how I finally began to LIVE!!! You should pick up the book and read it if you have a chance, because it’s a good tool to fight this battle against psychology and focus on self that is rampant in America today, especially among Christians. God bless you!

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