Hosea and Forgiveness

Christians get divorced almost as much or just as much as non-Christians.  I don’t know the recent stats, but they aren’t good.  Christians have decided to go the route of the world in regards to their marriage.  They take what they see as the easy way out: divorce.  They forget to consult God in the matter (and by this I mean not just praying to God and reading His word but actually doing what it says.  The praying and reading are the easy part, but the doing is often detestable to some “Christians”.  They pray and read (they read verses that say God wants to prosper them or give them what they ask for rather than all the verses on marriage and divorce) and then divorce saying they have indeed consulted God in the matter.).  Too often they then find someone else to marry and they spend their lives committing adultery (see Matthew 19:9).

Hosea was a prophet who was actually told to marry an adulterous woman, a prostitute.  He would have had to have been a  patient, loving and compassionate husband.  What a great example of the patience, love and compassion the Lord has for us, we who have forsaken the Lord.  Hosea even had to buy Gomer back from another man as Jesus had to purchase us from sin. 

Hosea is a wonderful story of God’s forgiveness.  How many of us would have rushed to Hosea’s side and said, “Have her and her lover put to death! Deuteronomy 22:22 says you can.”  In modern times we would rush to his side and say, “Divorce her for her sexual immorality because Matthew 19:9 says you can!”  How many Christians in bad marriages pity themselves instead of practicing forgiveness the way Christ forgave us?  Do we forget what heinous crimes we have committed against God Almighty and how He paid the price for our sins?   Do we only look at our sacrifice of staying married to an unfaithful spouse instead of looking to Jesus who sacrificed Himself on the cross for our transgressions?

Ephesians 5 tells us that husbands and wives become one.  This union refers to Christ and the church.  If you are getting a divorce because you are unhappy, remember Ephesians 5.  We can get a divorce for sexual immorality, but before we rush to divorce, let us remember Christ’s patience with us sinners.     

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church.  (Ephesians 5:31-32 ESV)

Love your husband!  Love your wife!  And may God be glorified!!


5 responses to “Hosea and Forgiveness

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  2. When God told Hosea to find Gomer, HE also told him why. He told him what his plan was. There was no illusion for Hosea that this was to be a lifelong love. There actually was no marriage covenant because as a prostitute with children to several men, Gomer could not ‘become one’. What is amazing about Hosea is his complete faithfulness to God, that he would obey knowing that there would be no benefit to him in it, only sorrow and suffering, nothing resembling God’s plan for marriage. This was the only way God could illustrate his extreme pain over his nation’s behavior. Like Gomer, Israel’s sins did the most damage to Herself, and God GRIEVED for them. God did not command Hosea to LOVE Gomer. We assume he treated her courteously. When she ran away, He let her go. He only went and got her when GOD told him to. The story of Hosea is not meant to illustrate how to behave in marriage- how could it?

    • Herkimmer, respectfully, you are looking at this with physical, duality, or ego eyes instead of God’s eyes. Looking with the nondual eyes of Christ: there is only love and compassion for Gomer; true unconditional love. The bible says that if you even “lust” in your heart you have committed adultery; if you get angry you have committed murder. There is no degree of difficulty for miracles and there is no measuring stick for sins. Marriage brings together two egos who use a measuring stick against each other. God intends marriage and spouses to see and be seen from God’s nondual vantage point; to love unconditionally. The ego judges; the true self/divine nature loves unconditionally (no conditions, only love).

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