Who We Are In Christ Jesus

INTP? ENFP?  ENTJ?  ESTJ?  What do these abbreviations mean for the Christian?  Nothing.  Those are just a few of the abbreviations from the personality test called  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). According to people on the gentlechristianmothers.com site, this is what they use to help know oneself and one another better.  My concerns I see on this site are:

1) It is a distraction from who we are in Christ.  Instead of focusing on a Biblical way to view ourselves and others, they are focused on a man-made way to understand one another better.  See below for a few examples from the Bible of who we are in Christ.

Carl Jung integrated psychology with spirituality

2) Myers-Briggs derives their test from the work of Carl Jung.  Carl Jung is considered New Age.  He is well known for consulting spirit guides, Philemon and Salome.   He is a man who hates Christ but loves demons, aka spirit guides.  We should be running away from teachings that may have their origins from the demonic realm.

3) Would you rather identify yourself as the Bible identifies us (which if you are a Christian you believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God) or from a man with his own theory (something that hasn’t been proven true, but only a proposed explanation), the theory of  psychological type?  If you are choosing the latter, why are you?  Or if you are choosing both, why?

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.
(Ephesians 5:6 ESV)

4) Delving into New Age ideas lead to more New Age ideas which keep leading farther from the truth of God’s word (and there is at least one more New Age idea that is very popular on this site).   With having more than 4 million posts -I obviously have not read them all nor has my sister shared that much with me, but from reading a great deal from that site – I can say that the Scriptures are not spoken of as often as you might think on a “Christian” site.   From what I have seen, Scripture is mentioned a lot less than New Age ideas.

Therefore do not become partners with them; for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light.
(Ephesians 5:7-14 ESV)

My encouragement for you GCMers: run from the mysticism of man and run to the word of God.  GCMers encourage one another in the Lord not in the theories of man.

Who We Are In Christ Jesus

Children of God-Galatians 3:10, Romans 8:14, John 1:12, 1 John 5:18

Hidden with Christ-Colossians 3:3

Citizen of Heaven-Phillipians 3:20

Sealed with the Holy Spirit-2 Corinthians 1:21-22

As Bold as a Lion-Proverbs 28:1

Saint-Ephesians 4:12

Christ is Our Life-Colossians 3:4

Salt of the Earth-Matthew 5:13

Walk in Good Works for Christ-Ephesians 2:10

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8 responses to “Who We Are In Christ Jesus

  1. I am curious if you enjoy James Dobson’s work or not?

    • I haven’t read any of his books, but I have heard him on radio and tv. I have read his short articles they put in church bulletins. He seems more focused on his psychology than on the Bible. I think his answers are always lacking in the gospel and Biblical wisdom, which is sad considering how popular he is in Christian circles.

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  3. Jodi (aka SonshineMama)

    I have been a “GCMer” for 12 years now and i soebt several of this years as a website administrator and forum moderatiry yet I have no clue my Myers Briggs type! You have missed the purpose if GCM!

    GCM is a place where Christian mothers go for support to raise their children with non Punitive discipline (Grace Based Discipline) and an AP (attachment parenting) lifestyle !!

    If you really want to understand the basis of GCMers Biblical beliefs about parenting you could check out the book “how would Jesus raise a child!” It discussed how Jesus treated the disciples and how to model that in our families! Another great book “families where grace is in place!”

    *please excuse typos, grammar and lack of proper punctuation and capitalization, I’m in my iPod!

    • Your comment made me laugh. “I’m in my iPod!” I might laugh about that for the rest of the day. A funny typo!

      I understand what grace based discipline is suppose to be.

      I am glad you don’t know your Myers Brigg Type. When I look on the public pages though, I hardly see anyone that doesn’t list this on the forum. I also, due to what happened to my sister, know that there is a lot of bad theology on their site. And that is sad to take something that could be good (grace based discipline) and muddy it with so much confusion and anti-Christian thoughts. I don’t even recognize my sister’s jesus from the one in the Bible. And that is sad.

      Thank you for your comment.
      Have a blessed day.

      • Jodi (aka SonshineMama)

        Haha about my typo! My 13 yo would say its cuz I’m old I can’t adjust to this little screen!

        I don’t know what you mean about your sister but the theology at GCM is strong and pure! The God of the Bible is offensive so it doesn’t bother me to hear people saying I’m offensive and weird! Christianity is both unifying and divisive — Jesus united Jew and Gentile but is divisive as He claimed to be the ONLY was to heaven!

        Thanks for letting me explain myself! And I will probably be laughing about that typo for awhile too!

      • Well I would love to continue this conversation with you. I am slow at writing my posts, but I was going to get to all the bad theology…someday. It was hard to see my sister changing so much (and not growing in the Lord). And don’t get me wrong, there were some GCMers that did try to help a bit at one point. But there were some really bad ones that let her go off the deep end. She is now so full of hate and unforgiveness. And I am so sad I couldn’t do anything to help my sister.

        So please answer me, how did my sister and others posts the things she/they posted and not get stopped from posting them? Why are GCMers allowed to talk so badly about their husbands and FOO’s? We are not all monsters who hate them. We love them. We are not toxic and abusive. They get so worked up and don’t take the time to listen family.

        Sorry, I am a bit emotional at the moment. I am trying to write a post and getting very sad writing it.

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