Our Side of the Story

If two people are having a problem, then there are two sides to that problem.  I want to finally share my family’s side of the story.  I was hesitant to do so out of respect for my sister and my family even though I know my sister has no problems sharing intimate details of her life with thousands of people online.  It still seemed wrong to me.

My sister’s friend commented on my Sister post.  She said I leave tidbits out.  Yes, yes I do.  I am trying to be respectful.  It has been hard not to give our full side of the story.

I’d still prefer to keep this private, but I am getting tired of being misunderstood and demonized, and with the recent events that took place at GCM.  It is time.



4 responses to “Our Side of the Story

  1. I read the letter the other day from the former GCM member. Yes, there recently has been a huge rift in the community. You may be interested to know that the cause of it, ironically, was abuse by actual members of the admin team. One member in particular, and then several others plus the board owner who have seemingly tried to sweep the issue under the rug. One long standing and well respected member tried to publicly call the abusive admin and was quickly banned and appeared to be shunned (mentions of her name are being deleted from the board). Several other long standing members have since left in disgust.

    I can assure you that GCM is not the healthy loving place they try to pass themselves off as. It’s secretive and exclusionary to a degree that few other boards actually are, and that alone makes it an uncomfortable place to be sometimes. It didn’t start that way (I’ve been there for many years, and no, I am not the member who got banned), but it has evolved into that.

    • I am wondering if you are the same person I just read on the board who said something similar? I was actually thinking of posting it soon because of what was said.

      The member was not the one from 2007 was it? I would love to hear from her to get her side of the story. So if you know her, please pass that message along.

      Thank you for your comment!!

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