At the Beginning

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8, ESV)

With my sister being quite out spoken and with both my sister and brother-in-law always wanting to have things their way, there was tension in the marriage.  My mom would tell my sister that the marriage won’t last five years because she never backed down, never walked away.  She was a fighter.  My sister would not have been considered a meek and mild wife by a long shot.  She was also bossy to her husband.  I am sure that caused some fights too.  And just to add here, my brother-in-law is far from perfect.  He too wouldn’t back down.  Neither were or are perfect.  Neither of them have ever spoken nicely to one another.

Years later a tragedy occurred in my sister’s household.  My sister was never truly the same after that.  From that point on there was always a concern for her mental health – depression.  She would have her good times and bad, but my concern for her was always there.  I tried to be supportive of her as I knew how.  The tragedy took a further toll on the marriage.  And shortly thereafter (I do believe that is the correct time frame), she joined GCM.

Fast forward a few more years.

Now remember, my sister has a strong personality.  She is not afraid to voice her opinions.  She started having problems with family members because they said she should spank her child who was acting out of control at the time.  Well she doesn’t believe in spanking.

*Just want to add here that like all families there are going to be things that annoy you about them and vice versa.  My family (including extended family) and I have gotten annoyed with each other over certain things.  I have learned that these weren’t major issues in life.  My differences are that: differences.  To make them into horrible human beings because they see certain things differently than me would not be right of me.  It would not be right of them to think that about me.  I learned not to talk about certain things to them (I guess you could say I made a boundary.  That word has become so negative to me though as you will see later.).  When those things come up, I make jokes about it or not respond.  It really turns out not to be a big issue.  It is all in what you make it.  If you make it into a big issue, then it becomes a big issue.*

For my extended family to even suggest maybe she should spank her child, she disdained them.  She would talk to me about it.  I just didn’t see the huge issue.  Let it go.  This was while I was learning to let things go too.

This was the start of what GCM does to families.  Divides.

And it is perfectly justifiable because after all, according to some GCMers, any form of spanking is abuse (see my spanking articles Here, Here and Here for why this is not always the case.).  Anyone have any Bible verses that says that spankers are evil or that they need to be avoided or spanking should divide people?

Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.
(Proverbs 19:11 ESV)


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