The Summer

My sister was still in shock from getting my brother-in-law help and him having a reaction.  I would often come to visit because I live fairly close to my mom and dad.  I remember sitting in my parents’ bedroom with my sister who was happy with the e-mail she just received from my brother-in-law.  As I have mentioned before, they moved a lot.  My sister was at the end of her rope with moving.  My BIL was looking at a job half way around the world.  It was starting to dawn on him that family came before his career.  There was no way my sister wanted to move that far away!  He turned down the job!!  I rejoiced with her.

My brother-in-law, in the meantime, was still trying to find a job.  He seemed to be getting his medicine regulated.  He actually heard her concern about picking up and moving half way around the world.

My sister was on GCM a lot during this time.  They recommended books on abuse for her to read.  One of them was, Why Does He Do That?, by Lundy Bancroft.  My mom used her library card to check out and do interlibrary loans so my sister could read these books.  It was embarrassing for my mom because she didn’t want anyone to think she was the one who needed the books because of her husband.  Like I said earlier, she tries to help her children in any way she can even if it is embarrassing for her.

My sister was reading these books and talking to GCMers.  By the end of June she was even more depressed.  She wouldn’t even talk to him on Skype.  I told him she didn’t want to talk to him right then.  He was probably very confused.  I was confused.  I was going between the two.  I felt awkward doing so, but I did it.  My sister didn’t want to talk to him so I was trying to be there for her.  During the conversation, he was talking about the birthday gift he had ordered for her.  He shows his love by spending money on people.  But they really were low in money so this was stressing her out even more.  I don’t think he understood that.  He was never really good with money.  I explained to him that it would be best to cancel the gift because money was tight and that she didn’t need a gift.  Gifts are a way he shows love, so it was hard for him to do so, but I do believe he reluctantly cancelled the gift.

July came and went.  My sister spent a lot of time on GCM.  Her time to go back home was fast approaching.  I told her if she wasn’t ready yet to not go.  Things would work out (school, bills, etc.).  She decided to go back.  Then things just started getting weird.

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