The Intermediary

Needless to say, my sister did not like what we had to say to her: love your enemies, don’t do what you told your cousin not to do, spend time with your children, get off the computer.  GCMers are allowed to do anything to anybody regardless of what the Bible says.

She wrote us one final e-mail.  It basically said we couldn’t support her at this time so she wasn’t going to talk to us.  She then ended by saying that we could pass any family emergency messages to her intermediary.

What is an intermediary?  The only reason I knew what one was by then is because she already told me her friend was going to get all her e-mails from her husband.  I thought it strange then and even stranger that now we had to go through this intermediary.

Well this did not sit well with any of us.  So my parents made their own “boundary”.  Dear Intermediary, no thanks!  Although my mom and dad sent it with their names on it, none of us wanted to tell a total stranger family tragedies.  Nope, that wasn’t going to happen.  I am sure her GCM friends helped her twist this into abuse too.  It’s what they do!  They are experts at it.

I remember it was a Friday.  I got this brilliant idea!  I called my family and I said, let’s go down to her place this weekend.  She lived a good ways away.  I thought that if we went to her house, it would make a difference.  My family wasn’t convinced it would do any good.  And really, it probably would not have made a difference.  The cult had already brainwashed her.  We didn’t go.

I did send an e-mail to the intermediary though.  I first sent a letter to my sister that was also addressed to this intermediary.  I explained my concerns in it.  I told the intermediary she shouldn’t be reading our e-mails.  I told her it was bizarre.  I told her she only knew my sister for a year or two.  We have known her a long time.  I told her, the intermediary, I was praying for her.

My sister did not respond so I sent an e-mail directed at just the intermediary.  I assumed she did not tell my sister I had written.  I told her I thought my sister was having a nervous breakdown.  I did say something not so nice about her being sick and twisted because I was trying to emphasize something was wrong with my sister and this so-called friend was not helping her.  For a long time, we thought this intermediary was the cause of everything.  She was only a part of the problem.  There was a group of GCMers that were “helping” her get away from her husband and family.

Shortly after this, my sister wanted my BIL to send personal financial information through this intermediary.  Needless to say he said he was not going to send private information to this stranger.  Who knows what she would do with the information given!  She could have robbed them both.  No, this was unwise.  I am sure she considered his no as financial abuse because all his actions by this time were considered some form of abuse.  She dictated (set a “boundary”) to him that he was to give a total stranger sensitive financial information and when he did not comply she screamed abuse.  By this time, she couldn’t reason through anything.  If it wasn’t her (GCM) way then it was abuse.


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