Hate Comments

Here is an example of how GCMers operate.  Once again they show their hypocrisy.  They are always right and everybody else is always wrong.  Even when they don’t know any of the people in real life.  They know it all!  “Herkimmerbones” wrote the following in different comment sections on my site.  My comments are obviously in maroon. 

“Thank you for clearly lining out just how little you understand about anything that happened. And you understand everything because????  You know my family, my brother-in-law, and you have known my sister all her life???? Do you even know my sister in real life?  Every word you write demonstrates that for you and your parents; the only thing that was important was yourselves. How YOU felt, how concerned YOU were, how embarrassed your Mother was, no concern at all for the person of your sister.

Thank you for making it so very clear.”

Why would you say I wasn’t concerned for my sister?  She was starting to drink to drown out her troubles.  Not a good time to take up drinking!  Then she lied about it.  Uh-oh, maybe there was a problem with her drinking if she wasn’t being forthright in telling me she was getting tipsy and even some GCMers were concerned.  Don’t you think a sibling who cares about the other one would worry once this was found out???  I was concerned for her mental health because she was seeing abuse in questions.  Did you even read the posts???  We were all concerned about the children for many reasons.  XXX XXXXX (edited April 13, 2014).

“I think you forgot the part where your affidavits stated that your sister was not capable of taking care of her children. Oh and the part where you quizzed a short-term acquaintance of hers from years before to certify that your sister had been ‘suicidal’ which by the way- hearsay is not admissible in court.
Talk about hearsay!  You have no idea what you are talking about!  I never contacted the “short-term acquaintance” as you call her.  I haven’t spoken with her since my sister left that area of the States.  I don’t even have her phone number!  She was contacted by the GAL and she told the GAL what had happened during that time.  I confirmed this information to the GAL when asked.  How do I know what happened?  I know because my sister told me about it after the fact (like the next day or something like that – I heard the story about my sister straight from my sister.).  Hence, why I was EXTREMELY worried about her and her children.  Did she tell you she XXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXX (edited April 13, 2014) during that time as well?  She also had thoughts of leaving her family to go live with a woman she never met in real life, only online.  A total stranger!  She almost left her entire family to go live with a stranger many states away.  Bet she didn’t tell you that either.  I think there is a lot my sister is not telling you.  I was concerned then, imagine how frightened I was when she told us this was right up there with that tragedy and then kicks us out of her life!!  And to this day I am very concerned for her and her children.  And NO GCMer is helping her!

Oh- and please add in the part where BIL slept with the Guardian Ad Litem.”

Again, hearsay on your part!  I never heard that one.  Any proof????  Or is this one of my sister’s made up stories? 

“you really cannot see the beam in your own eye, can you. Nice work- you’ve tried and convicted yourself.”
What arrogance you have.  You have no idea what happened and you are so quick to judge people you have never met.  We have been worried sick about my sister since this all came about.  We still are sick over this.  There is nothing I can say though to you because you are part of the GCM cult that believes the GCMer is always right, always the victim, always to be believed no matter what the facts actually are.  It doesn’t matter if the family is concerned that she will be suicidal again or will have thoughts of XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX (edited on April 13, 2014)

I never wanted the information about my sister’s previous suicidal and homicidal thoughts to come out,  but you all obviously know about it.  No point in holding back in the details, heh?  So if there is anybody who wants to have a real conversation and not just hurl all these false accusations at me, I would be happy to answer any of your questions.  My hope would be that one of you would finally see the problem (my sister who seems to have become an habitual liar, changing her past history to suite her current lifestyle, and the possible danger to herself and others) and for once try to truly help my sister.



3 responses to “Hate Comments

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  2. To Horrified:
    I just wanted you to know that I will not be posting your comments because they have the kind of information in them that I edited out in this post. In other words, they contain too much personal information.

  3. Less Horrified

    Completely understandable. Feel free to not post this, either – just wanted to acknowledge your post and that not posting my comments makes total sense. Again, hoping you can find peace, with or without your sister, as you move forward.

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