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Commenting Guidelines

After posting Online Dangers I received a very ungracious comment, I wanted to reiterate what I had stated in my very first post,  “…please be aware that any mean-spirited or rude comments will be deleted.” 

I did want to address some things from that comment though.  

I am a Christian.  Being a Christian, it is my desire to have my
thoughts line up with what God has to say.  I will not go into a long
explanation of how God’s word is not a cult (not the point of this website). Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.  Any group (I am referring to the ones in particular that call themselves  Christians) that goes beyond God’s word is in danger of being a cult (not that they are, but that they are in a dangerous place).  God’s word is very precious and I do not wish to use it in a wrong manner, hence going to elders whom I trust, to ensure I am correctly handling God’s word.  Cults go to their human leaders for guidance who do not use the Bible as their starting point.
I am writing this blog for specific reasons (one reason is not to delve into the
merits of Christianity, but to warn people so the same thing does not happen to
their family as happened to mine; please see my about page
https://exposegcm.wordpress.com/about/).  I am not out to call all online
communities cults (nor even all of the GCM forum).  I am truly sorry if it came across that way!  But I must warn of trouble when I see it, because how loving is it not to (I was accused of being a hate monger)?  My family has been hurt terribly, I do not want anyone else to lose a beloved family member in such a sad and unnecessary way.

I was also told I seem to hate women.  That was a shocker to me!  If the commentor who said that reads this, specifics of why you think this would be helpful. 

Let me end by reminding readers of who this website is for:

1) families who have been negatively impacted by gentlechristianmothers.com (GCM)

2) women looking to join gentlechristianmothers.com

3) men who want to see what their wives are joining (or have joined)

4) current GCMers who might have felt like there was a problem but just can’t put their finger on what that problem is.

The Cult Within

In my first post I said that one of my reasons for this site was to expose the cult-like mentality within the GCM website.  Why do I think there is something strange going on there?  Below are examples of why I think there is a cult within GCM.  I don’t want to go into too much detail because of how personal it is, but hopefully I will give enough so you will understand. 

1) My sister withdrew from ALL family and most of her old friends (even ones from high school that she still talked to on a regular basis) except for a group of GCMers she surrounded herself with.  If anyone disagreed with her parenting, religious views or marriage they were quickly cast aside.  This is not normal behavior.  This is what members of a cult do. 

2) Her theology kept changing over the years, with drastic changes occurring when she moved to the same area of the people I consider the cult portion of GCM.  This group of women would get together once a week.  My sister considered this her fellowship/church since she stopped going to church for reasons I mentioned under number 1.

3)  My sister started lying to us and she lied about us.

4)  She even started having trouble with people on GCM.  After she explained the reason why she was mad at some of them, I told her they seemed concerned about her (this was obviously before she kicked me out of her life).  I stood up for the GCM people.  They aren’t all cult-like! 

5)  I don’t know how much of it was the Dress Your Truth, but she started to dress like one of the GCMers she lives around.  They also all got body piercings.  She knew her family would think that piercings were odd but from what she told me she wanted the controversy. 

6) There are other reasons, but they are too personal to share on the world wide web.  I hope the above give you a better indication of how the people on this site tore my sister’s family apart.

Either my sister found herself in a cult or these women are very disturbed.  I wrote to the one who took control of my sister’s email (that is another reason…who takes over another person’s email account???) and told her my sister is not acting like her normal self.  I tried to reach out to this woman to encourage her to encourage my sister to get the help she needed (she was experiencing paranoia about so many people in her life – see number 4 for one example).  This woman never replied to me.  These women allowed my sister to go down this destructive path.  They didn’t care about her family and friends from her past.  They didn’t advise her Biblically, but from a worldly standpoint.  They must have encouraged her that everyone in her life that didn’t agree with her were abusive people.  It seems like a cult where abuse is the god.  From what I have been told, everyone in their group has supposedly been abused.

What should the GCM website do about this?  The site is huge with posts.  Some house cleaning needs to be done.  Bad theology is rampant and needs to be done away with.  The old posts that encourage members to lie or do anything else not Christ like should be erased.  They need to put their focus on Christ or maybe they should remove the name Christian from their group so as not to mislead people.

If you are on GCM and you aren’t happy in your marriage, please do not seek help from these people.  Go to your local church and local church members and the Bible.  Don’t let them tell you everything your spouse does is abusive (or other family members for that matter).  Remember: There are women on this site that will tell you EVERYTHING your spouse does is abusive and their advice will only lead to destruction. 

As Paul encourages in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, be watchful, stand firm in the faith and  let all that you do be done in love.

If you have had a similar experience, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail at  exposegcm@yahoo.com.